The word “unique” is often used when it’s not applicable. Kinky Friedman was unique.

It might be easier to say what he didn’t do, than to list all he did: Kinky was a
psychology major at the University of Texas in the 1960s. Then he spent threeyears in the Peace Corps in Borneo, where he wrote songs to pass the time.

He formed Kinky Friedman the Texas Jewboys in 1971, and said that it was Commander Cody (of Lost Planet Airmen fame) who helped him get his first record deal in 1973 with Vanguard.

In 2005, Kinky decided to run for governor of Texas against Rick Perry. He didn’t win but it was a more interesting race than most.

Kinky also wrote mystery novels and named the detective after himself.

Two quotations from Kinky:
“This country was a better place when the cowboys all sang and their
horses were smart.”

“In Texas, we all share the common religious belief that if we live a good
life, when we die we go to Willie Nelson’s house.”

We’ll miss you, Kinky, and we know that the 79 years you walked the planet were special for all who respected your honesty and laughed at your outspoken humor.






July 12 is the official release date for Hold My Beer, Volume 4 from Texas
music leaders Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen.

The first single release is “All I Wanna Do Is Drink.” Rogers confidently states, “’All I Wanna Do Is Drink’ will be your favorite drinking song of the summer. Mark my words or the beers are on Wade.”

Bowen adds, “’All I Wanna Do Is Drink’ is Country music. I love this old-school approach of talking to a stranger in a bar about the one that got away and how a beer can usually help heal the wounds.”

Upcoming dates, cities, and venues of Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen’s


17 College Station, TX - Hurricane Harry's
18 Lubbock, TX - Cook's Garage
19 Fort Worth, TX - Billy Bob's
20 Fort Worth, TX - Billy Bob's
24 Houston, TX - House of Blues
25 Corpus Christi, TX - Brewster Street Ice House
26 Round Rock, TX - Round Rock Amphitheater
27 New Braunfels, TX - Whitewater Amphitheater

Lots more at www.randyandwade.com










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