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Kasey Lansdale’s song “Ghost” came out October 4, in plenty of time for Halloween.  It’s a sad song of lost love with enough tempo to dance to easily.  So it can be played any time.


John Carter Cash produced Kasey’s work, and I still hear Texas in her voice and in the production of the song, with a low-key steel. Kasey was born in Nacogdoches.


Kasey writes stories as well as story songs.  She collaborated with her father Joe Lansdale and brother Keith on “The Companion,” which was adapted for the television remake of Shudder’s Creepshow.  It premiers October 17 online.


Kasey will be part of a new reality TV show on the USA Network in early 2020.





She may be from Tennessee, but Dolly Parton has spirit that is as big as Texas, and she’s respected and loved by all kinds of Americans. 


Jad Abumrad, co-host of the WNYC radio program Radiolab, which is nationally syndicated and available as a podcast, wanted to find out what makes Dolly Parton irresistible to so many people, so he worked with her on a 9-part podcast titled Dolly Parton’s America.



Jad said he wanted the series to explore her power to unite such a wide variety of Americans. He has also called her a “five-alarm fire of charisma.”  Look for  trailers and the first two podcasts online.












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