Rings On a Tree is Owen Temple’s new album, which will be released
September 26. The date is in the Fall due to supply chain issues which seem to affect everything these days.



Owen talks about the reason for the new music:
“Life is a collective phenomenon. Humans and every other living thing make up the one biological network of Earth -- a big tree of life -- and so the name of a new recording project I've been working on is Rings on a Tree.
“Now is a time for music to bring us together, to celebrate our common seeking of the good, beautiful, and true. Music and songs to help us see the truth - that there is no ‘other,’ no ‘them,’ there is only a big ‘WE.’”



For fans who want to support Temple’s new music, there’s a digital way to get delivery: Everybody who pre-orders the album will get the music sent to them early in 3 online deliveries of digital files.

Order at order.owentemple.com












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