Everybody knows that Robert Earl King is a great songwriter. Everybody know  Willie Nelson may be the greatest songwriter to come out of Texas.



REK wrote the lead article for a special issue of Texas Monthly, published in August 2020.  The edition titled Willie, Now More Than Ever, has been nominated by The American Society of Magazine Editors for an award in the Single-Topic Issue category.



Keen’s article discusses the power of simplicity in Nelson’s songwriting and dives into the history of the legend’s career.



The awards ceremony for the 56th year of awards will be conducted virtually on June 10.



Keen said,  “I’m enthralled with Willie Nelson’s magic. His singing, guitar playing, and moreover his songwriting, resonate with mysticism and universality. Think of the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey. He’s accessible to all, and yet, can never be totally comprehended. 


"In my effort to write about Willie’s songwriting, I found the deeper I dug, the greater the treasure. When I read Texas Monthly’s Willie: Now, More than Ever in its entirely, I wasn’t surprised to learn how all the issue’s contributors apparently had a similar revelation.” 


  REK, 2004









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