Felix Truvere visits KTEX 106


Ken Murray and Felix Truvere


KTEX 106 Blake Hicks, Julia Hatfield, Cactus Ken, upside down!


KTTX's Ken Murray with Brazos Valley favorite Abigail Taylor


Kimberly Dunn at KTEX 106 with Ken Murray (L) and Blake Hickerson (R)


Legendary KCAF/KIBL talent Bruce Hathaway with Mark Cruz, South of Heaven


No Bull Radio's Randy Watson with Johnny Lee


Texas Thunder's Bailey, Mark McKinney, Egon Barthels and TKO


 Mark McKinney


Casey Berry visits Kevin Robbins at KSEL, Portales, NM


KHYI's Chuck Taylor with Chris Stapleton


KORA, CMA of Texas 2016 Station of the Year!

  (l-r front) Brandie Alexander, Ashlen Ray, PD Carly Evans,

Roger W.W.W. Garrett  (l-r back) JR & Dr. Ron


Roger Creager and Carly Evans


Willy Braun & Sarah Pierce at Ranch Bash 2015 in Fort Worth


JB & The Moonshine Band visit with KXAX's Jason Mclelland & son Gavin 


Egon Barthels, Matt Caldwell and TKO, Texas Thunder Radio


 Matt Caldwell at Texas Thunder Radio showcase


Egon Barthels, Bailey, James Lann and TKO


 James Lann at Texas Thunder Radio showcase


K-TEX 106's Ken Murray & Ray Wylie Hubbard


TKO and Austin Meade, Texas Thunder Radio


KRVF's Jim Nash, Natalie Rose, and Carey Dean


Randy Watson, KMFR, Pearsall, with Texas Tomato Breelan Angel!


Ken Murray, Ray Johnston and Li'l Dude at K-TEX 106


Casey Shaw of The Warhorses with KQRP's Aaron Scott


Bubba Westly, Ken Murray of KTEX, Bryson Martinek


Randy Watson (Ctr) of KCAF/KIBL with Casey Shaw & Seth Tobin of The Warhorses


Shane Barnhill and his family with Kerri Lick (white shirt) at KWBY, Stephenville


Ken Murray at K-TEX 106 with Jason James


KQRP's Aaron Scott & Shane Barnhill


KFLP's Corey Johnston and singer Kaitlin Butts


Dix Hat Band with Jim Nash at 106.9 The Ranch


Adam Fears with KYYK's Tim O'Brien


George Ducas with Rudy Fernandez (r) of KEAN and Mark Young (l)


K-TEX 106's Ken Murray with Abbey Cone


KABW's Brad Heitman with George Ducas


K-TEX 106's Ken Murray (ctr) with Callahan Divide from Abilene

Corey Johnston of KFLP at lunch with George Ducas


Moonlight Social at KCAF with Randy Watson


Matt Castillo (r) and Beto Cavazos

(l) of Matt & The Herdsmen at KMFR with Randy Watson


Jason Cassidy visits with Lee France at WACO 100


Randy Watson, KMFR, Chisolm Mills - Fiddle/Mando, Shane Greenville - vocals/guitar,

Steve West - guitar/vocals.


 KFMR's Randy Watson, Tommy Joe Wilson and the ladies at Outlaw's Bar & Grill, Pearsall


Travis Dearman (l), Randy Watson KCAF, Matt Smithey – Fools of the Trade


Ed Shane loved music, creative people and radio. He devoted his life and his career to all three, and it was a good mix.

Here’s a view of Ed with some of the creative people in music and radio that he knew and worked with. We hope it gives you a feeling for who Ed was.

Ed Shane, June 25, 1945 - March 21, 2015

Thanks to Freddy Martinez for putting this together.

Pam Shane


KMFR's Randy Watson & Eric McElroy are ready for Frio Pioneer Day


Jake Ward ("Ignorant Bliss") visits Randy Watson at KCAF


Win Patton at KKAJ was a reporter to the Texas Music Chart who passed away March 23, 2015.


Below is a link to the station’s website tribute. 





Kylie Frey visits Randy Watson at KMFR


Tori Martin visits KRVF's Jim Nash (l) and Carey Dean (r)


 KECO's Brandon Hardin with Kasey Lansdale


Natalie Rose between the two halves of The Morning Fiasco, KRVF, Jim Nash and Casey Dean


KMOO's Wil Riggs with Kasey Lansdale


 Darrell Goldman (l) visits KTTX's Ken Murray with Greg Duffy (r)


Texas Thunder Radio Egon, Laura & Paul Thorn


Texas Thunder Radio Casey Berry & Egon Barthels, who don't play "Wagon Wheel"!    


KSNY's Alice Swiney with Zane Williams


Moonlight Social visits Ken Murray at K-TEX 106, Jeremy Burchard left, Jennica Scott right.


Cody Joe Hodges with KSNY's Alice Swiney


KECO's Brandon Hardin (l) with Erick Willis


Jody Lee (l), Adam Hood (center) and Six Gun Sara are all smiles!


KCAF's Randy Watson, and dog Milo, with Texas Oldies icons

Roy Head (left "Treat Her Right") and Archie Bell ("Tighten Up")


KWBY's Six Gun Sara, Cowgirl Callie, Bart Crow and Aarow


Troubadour Hal Ketchum with KHYI's Chuck Taylor


KSNY's Alice Swiney with Bubba Westly


Mario Flores (center) & Soda Creek Band, TKO & Egon Barthels, 

final Texas Thunder Radio Music Showcase of the season.


Egon Barthels and Sunny Sweeney at the Texas

Thunder Radio Music Showcase in Moulton, TX


Danny Merrell of Kicks 105 and new singer Kasey Lansdale


Hollye Hatfield at K-TEX 106 with Corey Kane


Brandon Rhyder visits Egon, Laura and TKO at Texas Thunder Radio


Brandon Rhyder on stage at Texas Thunder Radio.


KWBY Six Gun Sara hunting some Damn Quails.


KWBY Uncle Lucius in studio.


KWBY Jody Lee, Tommy Alverson and Six Gun Sara

KSNY PD Alice Swiney with Corey Kane - love that artwork!

Sunny Sweeney at K-95.5 with Will Payne (l) and Barry Diamond (r)

Wade Bowen with KHYI's Chuck Taylor

Texas Thunder Radio (l-r) Jon Wolfe, Laura, TKO and Egon

Jeremy Steding (r) visits KALH and Ken Bass, Tiffany Medlin, and Chance (left)

KALH's Tiffany Medlin with Clayton Gardner ("Don't Miss It")



Aaron Watson visits Genuine Country Kicks 99-1 in Midland-Odessa. 

Left to right: Ops Mgr Kelley Peterson, GM John Moesh, Aaron, and afternoon talent Derrick


Ken Murray and singer Breelan Angel looking for "Pocket Change"

at K-TEX 106!



Thom Shepherd and Jake Mclelland at KXAX pose before playing beer pong!


Mark Jones (without Twenty Paces) visits Jake Mclelland at KXAX.



Newcomer Stephen Chadwick (center) visits KXAX and Jason Mclelland

 (right) to talk about "Hell of a Time to Go Crazy."  Guitarist Chris Loring (left) smiles, too!

Singer-songwriter Will Hoge visits with Chuck Taylor at 95.3 The Range in Dallas

 Sean McConnell ("Bottom of the Sea") visits 95.9 The Ranch and midday talent Malone in Fort Worth

Sean McConnell singing "Bottom of The Sea," Live in KSTAR Country studio.



Thom Shepherd visits with Ken Murray at K-TEX 106


Lower 40 with Steven Roberts and John Brewer


Casey Donahew with John Brewer and listener, Justin Sermon


 The Rankin Twins with John Brewer


Adam and Casey of the Dix Hat Band


Big smiles from singer Jon Wolfe and Hollye Hatfield at K-TEX 106


Singer-songwriter Paul Thorn visits Ken Murray at KTTX, K-TEX 106,

to talk about his song "Everything's Gonna Be Alright."


Jesse Raub Jr. with Gabriel from K-99 KRYS in Corpus Christi


 Zane Williams with Gabriel from K-99 KRYS in Corpus Christi


Kyle Park with Gabriel from K-99 KRYS in Corpus Christi


Steven Roberts with Roger Creager Photo


Steven Roberts and John Brewer with William Clark Green



Chris Austin from Kickin Country 103.1 in San Angelo with Casey Donahew. 









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